About Us

For us, the CRUXX Gemina brand is a perspective, the expression of both traditionalism and affiliation. Building on this, we want to carry out real value-creating activity and produce products everyone can be proud of – the consumers and the makers as well.

Brand Name

 The word „crux”, thus the world cross, is in itself represents space-time; crosses symbolise the balance of contrasts and life itself.

In our case the usage of the word „cruxx gemina”, that is, the two-barred cross primarily refers to the common past and present of the Hungarian and Slovak nation, and this emblem can be found in the Coats of Arms of both countries. The owners of the firm have partly Slovak and partly Hungarian ancestors, thus their duty is to maintain and develop the common values of these countries. One of these values is the related and often mixed gastronomical specificity and diversity that is well characterized by the case of the brandy (in Hungarian „pálinka”). The brandy is the legitimate national pride of Hungary with a protection granted by the European Union. However, the world „pálinka” has Slovak origins and at the beginning of the 20th century, the most distilleries were in Banská Bystrica, which is now a part of Slovakia.

Our manufactory is in Nagykersztúr, which is a town near the border, its nationality is Slovak and its name contains the word „cross” (in Hungarian „kereszt”) as well.

Our Technologies

We use the most recent technologies for the production of our products. With the help of our equipment that enable gentle handling during processing, we aim to preserve the nutritional values of the fruits. We aim to automatize the processes in order to achieve constant high quality.

We use only high-quality and ripe fruitsslider6

We use only high-quality and ripe fruits from orchards where the environmental conditions are ideal for producing top-quality and aromatic raw materials.
The liqueurs developed by us are an integral part of our product range. Just as the phrase “wine can be made from grapes” says, we also believe that „liqueur can be made from fruits”, and with adequate professional knowledge we do so. Accordingly, our liqueurs have the flavour of only the fruits and herbals used for the production and they do not contain any artificial and synthetic flavouring or colorant.

At every technological step our aim is to achieve the best possible results

tarolokBesides the high-quality fruits, both the strict technological supervision and the precise laboratorial control guarantee the quality and the standard of our products.

Our modern equipment enable the most appropriate processing for each type of fruit. Throughout the whole process we aim to preserve the most pleasurable flavour, aroma and scent. To this end, we practice guided fermentation, which means that the fermentation is practiced at optimal temperature – at cellar temperature, in iced, computer-supervised containers – and the usage of the cultured yeast helps to highlight the characteristic aroma of the given fruit.



In the processing of our brandies we use one of the most recent, well-controllable distillation system which we had redesigned in order to achieve the highest quality. The equipment can be controlled flexibly and it is equipped with a computer control system. It is possible to distill brandy with two-stage or single-stage method; the choice is always made taking into account the actual aptitude of the fruit in order to reach the most optimal results. Our brandies are distilled only for marketing purposes; we do not undertake subcontract distillation in our manufactory.

With the help of the modern equipment of our laboratory it is possible to run various tests concerning both the raw materials (fruits) and the products.

It is important for us to make marketable products in which we can truly show the nutritional values of top-quality fruits.

We use only the finest, perfect and ripe fruits. We have washing and picking belts, seeders, chopping machines, shredding and pressing machines adequate for various types of fruits (pome fruits, stone fruits and small fruits). The processed fruits get into acid-proof steel containers, where we use the most appropriate enzymes and cultured yeasts for the fermentation.

We believe that the environmental conditions of Hungary along with the gentle handling during processing make it possible to produce characteristic and flavorous products from the raw materials. In the case of our bitters, the fruits can be harmoniously supplemented with herbals without adding any artificial and synthetic flavouring or colorant to them. Therefore, we do not use any additives to our products.

Depending on the final products, the extracts can be aged in our cellars; nevertheless this always requires an individual decision in the case of each product in order to get the most adequate results.